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Memo Ozdogan is an author and a philosopher at FIND YOUR SECRET KEY , and a Jeweler at SENZANOME Jade Coin Collections. He is also an Antique lover as well, and he desires to share some of the pieces from his collection of unique items here at very reasonable prices.


Memo's philosophy about antiques and collectibles is 'Less is More', as he only collects items which are unique by their nature and elegant by design. His approach for showcasing items here is rather like a museum that is only concerned about the unique character and beauty of the items listed, and never concerned about the commercial profit making part, and for this reason there will not be too many items showcased here to preserve such spirit of the true antique lovers community. He believes having as many items as possible to reach high sales amounts is more like a supermarket approach which is in fundamental conflict with the spirit of art and antiques. Such rare collectible items also naturally reflect the love put in them by their artists whilst being passionately handcrafted. Such combination of Uniqueness, elegant aesthetics and passionate handcrafting with the added dimension of time creates the ultimate sense of the limited edition concept which naturally makes these pieces very good investments as well. Pieces will mostly originate from the ancient cities of Rome/Italy and Istanbul/Turkey.


We are willing to develop long term trustworthy trade partnerships with antique dealers all around the world. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further into the details of such collaboration.



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